4 Best WhatsApp Alternatives | Free WhatsApp Alternative Apps

4 Best WhatsApp Alternatives | Free WhatsApp Alternative Apps

It has become a trend, If you are not using Whatsapp App in this 21st Century then you are nothing in this World. Whatsapp has become a needy thing for everyone, who has got Android Device or any other device which supports this app. Many people use Whatsapp for Official purposes or many other of us for fun and chatting purpose only. As far as days are going, trend of Whatsapp is becoming dull type. People want new Apps similar like Whatsapp or alternative to WhatsApp. If you have also become bored by using this Whatsapp app, then here we have 4 Best Whatsapp Alternatives..Which can end your boredness for sure. You should surely try these Free WhatsApp Alternative Apps to increase you fun, entertainment & official sales as well. 😀

4 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

4 Best WhatsApp Alternatives



It’s called as self ended message app. This app is dedicated to the sender of the message rather than receiver of the message. You can set the deletion time of the message before sending it to anyone. This time duration can land b/w seconds to some days. After passing that particular time, the message will delete automatically from the receiver’s mobile inbox. Each message contains live countdown in this WICKR application. So that, you will easily get to know about the deletion time of the message from the Inbox. WICKR app is integrated with the Dropbox and Google Drive. (https://www.wickr.com/)



If you want to send text, Image and Video and you don’t care about Audio and Documents, then this THREEMA application is a good choice for you. The User Interface of this app is classic one. You can easily read the message. It provides Two end Two And Encryption. Your message automatically Encrypts to the device and decrypts on receiver’s device. You can’t excess the “Decryption Key” from the server of the company. You don’t need to give phone number and email address for extra safety. You can also keep Pin Lock on the app. (https://threema.ch/en)




This app offers the support for text, videos, photos and documents. It doesn’t share the Audio. You can also set the timer to delete the message from the receiver’s device. TELEGRAM app is based on open source and cloud. If your phone will not work then you can access the data from PC also. You can change the background in this app. This app is totally free and does not support any type of advertisements. You can start secret chats in this app, which uses full and two end encryption. (https://telegram.org/)



Surespot App Whatsapp Alternative

It supports Text, Image and Audio message. The development team of this app is working on Video Message, Group Chat and Encrypted file transfer. This app gives you the option for deleting the message, which you have already sent. You don’t need to connect phone number or emails to the account. It’s good from privacy purpose. You can search the other users from their usernames. In SURESPOT application, you need to exchange the username. It’s a open source and free Instant Messaging app too. (https://www.surespot.me/)

These all apps are known as Instant Messaging Apps, which can send Instant message in a seconds to all. Just need of an Internet Connection of any type.

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