Andy, the easiest way to install Android on PC

Andy is a software for Windows and OS X that within five minutes will install Android on PC . The “magic” is possible thanks to VirtualBox , virtualization software known Oracle, in which you create a virtual machine that will be installed Android: all this will be  automatically and without the user having to do anything, including software downloads Extra, which is fully automated.

The result will be that in a few minutes you will have Android 4.2.2 ready to use on PC, complete with Play Store , through which you can install any app you want. As a bonus point out the fact that you can keep in sync all apps on our phone using the app 1ClickSync  present on Andy, and you can use your smartphone as a controller for games, and more, with Andy Remote Control , available for free on the Play Store. There is also a shared folder with the operating system “below” in order to exchange files easily from Android with the latter. To summarize the characteristics of Andy, even compared to the competition, you can take a look at the following table.

andy comparison chart

Features of Andy and how to to install Android on PC

-Run apps from desktop

-Desktop Push Notification

-Phone as game controller

-Android file system direct access

Andy is a free download from the official site , and it is well optimized for both operating systems, so that in theory the minimum requirements are of 3 GB of RAM and a processor with support for technology-vt AMD or Intel VT-x, although for have a really fluid seem necessary at least double the memory and a processor of medium-high. The best way to find out is to try it to to install Android on PC: thanks to the video below you can get an idea of what to expect.

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