Top 3 applications for Architects and Architecture Students

From virtual sketchbook to real world database, android applications are used by people to ease and organize their works and activities. New applications are introduced in the market with the advancement in technology and architects and interior designers cannot be ignored.
With the boom in application designing industry, new features, as well as quality has improved over past few years. Architects and architecture students use these architecture apps to help users to ideate and conceptualise their designs and drawings.

As the technology is advancing, new applications for android users as well as for iOS and windows users are introduced in the field of architecture and interior designing which helps them to save their precious time and ease their work by saving their site surveys and drawings directly in their mobiles.


There are several applications available for download which can be useful for students but why installing and reviewing each application individually, Android Weeds can help you to manage your house plan, site surveys, photos, and other documents easily without any difficulties.

Recently I was asked to review top applications for architects and interior designers, and while surfing the internet, I came across some of the top blogs who were focusing especially on architecture niche. There they have also included some top 10 applications for students and interior designers on the basis of user reviews but the most precise and useful information about these applications was found on Here they have covered all important applications along with their features which you can check out according to your requirements.

While reviewing these applications, I shortlisted top three applications which you must definitely use as it will be helping you to ease your work and save your tonnes of precious time.

Here I will be focusing only on those applications which I personally using from last 6 months and I will be covering all pros and cons of these apps. Some of you must be familiar with the features of these apps but for others, you can also read each application features and also find additional information about these applications.

AutoCad 360

On the top of the list comes AutoCAD 360 application by Autodesk which is an official AutoCAD mobile application which is available for both iOS and android users. This is the best DWG viewing application with easy to use drawing and drafting tools that allow you to create, view as well as share your AutoCAD drawings directly from your mobile device.

AutoCAD360 app
AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 provides you with an abundance of features and capabilities that can be useful for architects as well as architecture students. The best feature which I used the most is we can directly upload any DWG drawings directly from the mailbox or any external storage and view all important aspects of DWG files including external references, image underlays, and layers.

This is a free application available on Google Play Store and App store and some of the features are only available with the Pro version of this application. You can also check out these features of AutoCAD 360.

  • Measure accurately with on site.
  • Use features like multi-touch and pan to easily navigate large files.
  • External Cloud storage connectivity. You can easily view your drawings on Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
  • Plot designs to PDF and DWF.

These are some main features which will be available when you install but some of the features are only available with the pro version which includes;

  • editing tools and some advanced tools are unlocked such as arc, offset and many more.
  • Advanced annotation tools including cloud, markup and many more.
  • Advanced layer management
  • You can use the feature of add and edit text annotations directly from your drawings.

Autodesk Formit 360

On the second position comes one of the most used application for architects i.e Autodesk Formit 360. It is available both for android as well as for iOS users and is a free application from Autodesk. Autodesk Formit 360 can be useful for architects to import real-world site information such as images, satellite images to create 3D building design concepts on the go.

This application can be used to create a continuous BIM modelling workflow (Building Information Modelling) and allows you to capture building design concepts anytime you want and anywhere the idea strikes.

Autodesk Formit 360 app
Autodesk Formit 360

With the help of Autodesk Formit 360, you can experience a continuous BIM workflow by synchronising all your designs and documents in the cloud for further refinement by using Autodesk Revit.


Some of the key features include;

  1. Easy access to site information
  • You don’t need to capture images of your site with your camera, easily import your site information and images directly in your android phone.
  • You can also set project location using a searchable maps interface.
  • Review historical climate based on the location.

2. Express design ideas with the help of easy to use tools

  • Using innovative 3D sketching you can create 3D forms quickly.
  • Sketch lines, splines and circles along with global axis alignment and snapping options.
  • Sketching can be done in more than one plane.
  • Use other objects in the scene as snap references, including levels.

3. Collaborate with team members

  • With the help of Autodesk Cloud Services, you can store and share your designs on the cloud.
  • Transfer your files and designs to your desktop via OBJ file format.

Paper by Fifty Three

On the third position of the list comes one of my favorite application Paper by Fifty Three. Having a fast and easy interface, Paper is one toe the most loved mobile application which has also won the Apple’s App of the year Award in 2012.
Available only for iOS users, Paper enables you to draw, colour, paint, and capture ideas directly on virtual sketchbooks. Developed by Fifty Three, this application provides you with blank canvas along with five exciting tools to draw and paint.

Well, you must be thinking why this application is one of the best apps for architects as well as for interior designers. With the help of Paper, you can connect and capture your notes, photos, and sketch diagrams anytime on your iPad or iPhone.

Paper by Fifty Three
Paper by Fifty Three

Architects can easily create their drawings, diagrams, illustrations and notes anytime using Paper and you can save or share your important notes with your project manager or your clients via email. Some features of this application are exciting to use and are only introduced with the latest version of this application. This includes options such as watercolour bleed, pencil texture which you can choose according to your choice and custom ink engine that can help you to mimic real ink on paper.

Paper by FIfity Three
Paper by Fifty Three Application iPad

The three main features of paper which make it one of the most used applications by architects and designers are

1. Capture- Paper Swipe to Style formatting features allows you to create notes and checklist faster which others applications are still not providing. Sometimes the entered details are not clear and for that, Paper by Fifty Three allows you to quickly clarify essential details with the help of photo spotlight tool.

2. Connect – The main problem which I personally feel while exploring other applications is that all data including drawings, notes, site surveys etc are not saved in a single place and you need to spend more time in organizing your data when you have more data saved in your device.
With the help of Paper, you can bring your text, photos, sketches, and documents in a single place. All the data is safe and properly organized.

3. Communicate – This is the best feature of Paper which cannot be ignored. All your notes can be easily moved quickly and precisely. Paper lets you share your ideas anywhere you want including formatted PDFs, powerpoint presentations, and keynotes.

Well, I suggest that you should try this application once and no doubt you will be loving the functions and user-friendly interface of Paper application.

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