APUS Browser -A fine and light browser for your Android

APUS Browser -A fine and light browser for your Android

Are you looking for a new browser for Android which is light and fast and completes all thee job and modern tasks then you should definitely try APUS Browser. It is a fine and functional browser that is particularly light and saves a lot of data.

A light and minimalistic browser

Perhaps you are familiar with the APUS Launcher, fine launcher that gives a completely different look to your device. The developers of this recently launched its own browser, which has to compete with other popular Android browser such as Uc Browser,Opera mini,Google Chrome etc. These browser have been in market for a  long time so it will take APUS Browser a lot of work and features to leave a mark but the starting is good for APUS browser as the developers of the browser have included many great features in the starting version.

APUS Browser distinguishes itself by the fact that the app is very light. The application is only 0,6MB large and consume according to the developers a minimal amount of memory. This is to ensure that you always have a smooth experience. Even with slow Internet connection the app should still run smoothly.

Especially striking is the minimalist home screen of the browser, which it is desired to adjust.You can easily transfer your favorite websites, social media or other pages give a place. It is also possible to, for example, bookmarks from Chrome to be imported. By default, there are a number of shortcuts available, but you only use a little.

The interface of APUS Browser is very simple but functional. With the buttons at the bottom you can easily switch between windows, or directly back to the home screen. The middle button you use to access the settings, downloads and full-screen mode. The latter is useful when you want to focus completely on what you’re currently doing.

APUS browser for Android

The APUS browser is definitely worth trying, although it is unfortunate that the app currently supports the English language. Perhaps there comes via an update still change. Through the link you can download the app below. For installation you have Android 4.0.3 or higher.

? Download APUS Browser in Google Play (free)

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