Call Whatsapp Out With Features Now available Globally !!

Call Whatsapp  Out With Features Now available Globally !!

We have known for some time that it is possible to call with WhatsApp. This possibility has been available from quite some time in the WhatsApp application but has not been activated. We figured out how the call via WhatsApp feature works and will look at how at first it was present only for US based users for experimentation but now it has been officially rolled out globally (see at the end for update)


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Call WhatsApp

WhatsApp has two different versions for Android; one is spread through the Google Play Store, another through the website. The latter is more frequently updated than the Play Store version and often contains all new features before they are made available to the general public. Ultimately, it will be possible in any case via data (3G or 4G) or Wi-Fi connection to call your phone with your WhatsApp contacts.

In the version of WhatsApp that the company yesterday distributed via its Web site, is to use the network screen in the app to see how much data has been stoked by calling via WhatsApp. The information is divided into outgoing and incoming data for WhatsApp calls. Again WhatsApp is a bit closer to the release of the calling capabilities.

Screenshots of call whatsapp features

We were curious, since us in selecting information on the web version of WhatsApp lot of information encountered in the installation of the WhatsApp application for Android on calling via WhatsApp. It is about images but also text and application layouts. We have the available information and images combined in a number of screenshots.

call whatsapp feature

Since a few versions back the Google Play Store version of WhatsApp was asking for permission to turn on Bluetooth. This has to do with the call feature of WhatsApp: Bluetooth can be enabled to connect to a Bluetooth headset. The interface is also fairly straightforward.

call whatsapp screen


It seems, however, that calling via WhatsApp somewhat separated from the chat function. Whether that remains is unclear, but currently there is for example next chat overview screen, where all active chats can be seen, a call overview screen. In it are the phone calls that you’ve seen made via WhatsApp? It is also possible to listen back conversations; this will be able to may be included. On the screen above, you can start a call, just as you normally start an IM conversation, namely by pressing the button at the top of the screen.

call whatsapp contact

In the conversations themselves it can also be seen when you called someone or when you have a missed WhatsApp-calling. This is just as if, for instance send and receive pictures and messages.

call whatsapp trick


In the current version of the app this screen is to find information for each contact. In this example, you see the phone number of your caller, but also media files that you have exchanged. It seems likely that information about a person’s telephone calls will also be incorporated into this screen, but there is in the current app also a special information window with call details per contact clogged.


call whatsapp recording

Recording screen is the only screen where we have to do some assumptions. We know at least that it is possible to reject a call by dragging the ‘chat icon’ in the screen above. Allows immediate reason given why your phone or you just do not want to take.

Finally, we will find a section with which the call can be accepted or rejected. That answer or reject happens as with the normal call function of your Smartphone by swiping. It is also possible that we have a recording- and reject button go together to see the bottom of the screen, but unfortunately we could not tell from the code.


UPdate :-Whatsapp Call Updates globally ( As of on 20-Feb-2015)

Here are the screenshot of people using it !!

User from US using whatsapp
User from India using the call feature in whatsapp

If you want to use WhatsApp call on your device then you have to download the beta version from the official website as the play store version still doesn’t support the call feature globally.


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