Check Hard drive health with working condition

Check Hard drive health with working condition

This blog post is all about for checking the condition of your favorite hard drive or hard disk that if it is working properly or not! Now, it’s really simple to check hard drive health with its working condition. You can also check, If there  is crash in hard disk or not. In short, It’s really simple to check your Desktop or Laptop hard drive condition now.

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Check Hard drive health – how to check hard drive for errors

Many times we see that the hard disk of Desktop or Laptop automatically crash and at that time we can’t read our important data. For this purpose Checking of Hard drive health is so necessary from time to time. There are many professional methods, from which we can check our hard drive condition. Some are as follows-

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(1)*How to Check Disk Error*

  • Step-1 First go to the command line.
  • Step-2 Now run the “CHKdsk” in command line.If there is any error then it will show in front of you & you can remove all these errors by just clickng once.
  • Step-3 For more information you have to go on this MICROSOFT Web page.Go to the link which is given below-


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(2)*What is a meant of CPU Sounds*

Many times we see that there are different noises coming from CPU.It can also gives you the information of health of your Hard Disk. Go to the page and check the perfect meant of particular every sounds, which comes from your Desktop.

(3)*Take help from Utility Software for check the Hard disk*

You can check your disk by utility softwares also. Go to the link which is given below-


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(4)*Hard Disk Tester*

This tool is given by one of your favourite company SeaGate known as Sea tool. You can check as well as test all the hard disks of any company. It doesn’t matter that hard disk is from SeaGate or other. It is really a unique service given by SeaGate. For testing your hard disk, you have to go this link-

So now you can check hard drive health with it’s working codition easily.

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