Free Online Drive (Unlimited) Trick !!

If you like DropBox, you’re going to love It’s a new free online drive solution from Barracuda Networks and they are giving new users 5GB (update : 15 gb now ) of space PLUS 5GB for every other new user you refer.You’re not sleeping and this is also not a dream. This is true! are letting you use 15 GB Cloud Storage for free.Another 2 GB free just for sharing it on Twitter.

Compare that to the 2GB you get from DropBox and 250MB per referral. You’d have to refer 12 friends to DropBox just to equal what you get from Copy for free. And for each person you refer you’ll each get 5GB additional free space. That’s literally 20 times DropBox.

How is free Online Drive  ???

Copy is a service by Barracuda Networks, a company networking hardware. Available on the web and on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS vis-a-vis programs and apps, Copy is trying to make inroads into the free online drive  market by offering lucrative free storage to users. Every new user of Copy receives 15 GB of free storage. Anyone that is willing to tweet about Copy.comgets another 2 GB. And if you refer someone to Copy (i.e. someone signs up for Copy via your referrallink), you get an extra 5 GB and the person signing up gets an extra 5 GB (meaning the other person starts with 20 GB instead of 5 GB) free online drive


Message from

To celebrate Copy’s launch, earn 5 GB of extra free storage for yourself and whoever you refer each time you introduce someone new to Copy. This is a limited time opportunity to rack up huge amounts of extra free online drive  storage while we build the initial buzz around Copy!

How to get Free online Drive storage !!

All you need to do is just sign up using an email address  and using the referral  links given below you  and you will get 5 gb more . Then confirm your email. If you have twitter account then share it there. You will get 2 GB more. So you’re getting 22GB without referring someone. And when you refer someone you are getting 5 GB for each. This is a limited time offer. Don’t delay to create an account.


Get More From Referral

I personally got 30 gb just from referral so if you want to get more from Referral .Just signup at and paste your referral link (latest 4 referrals ) in the comments I will replace it with it.

 Use This Referrals links to signup(for Extra 5gb)


Fair Storage unique feature 

Copy is also rolling out a feature it’s calling “Fair Storage” that helps split the cost of shared folders between the users that access them. For example, if four users are sharing a 20GB Copy folder, each one will only pay for 5GB of that storage, rather than each paying for all 20GB every month. It’s a system that makes sense logically but isn’t the way that other companies are approaching shared folders.

Supported Platform

You can share from you PC and from your phone. Supported platforms are:

 Even if you’re invested in DropBox I encourage you to grab Copy space right now before they ratchet down the freebies. If you wait till later, it might not be there. PLUS, if you’re a fan of Drobo you can use integration on network drives to sync data to the free online drive automatically! So what are you waiting for, signup immediately(using Referral link ).

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