How to Remove or Restrict and Create Guest User Account in Android

How to Remove or Restrict and Create Guest User Account in Android

What is one of the most used feature of windows that enable you to secure your data and settings on a Windows PC. the answer is Guest Account.With a guest account, you can give you  safe to someone, without being able to look at your data and files but till Android Lolipop this feature was missing in Android but today we will tell you how to create a Guest account in android.

Creating a guest account is available since Android 5.0 Lollipop  for smartphones and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for tablets. This limited user profiles are ideal for children and those who want to borrow your smartphone, but also to share a device in the family

The guest user mode isolates your personal data from being accessed on the new account which starts up as a freshly installed system with only stock apps onboard.

Using the guest account, users can access or sync their contacts, photos and other stuff from their Google account or even download and install apps from Google Play Store.

Despite the flawless security mechanism of guest user mode, there is one major hitch with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings wherein guest users can update these apps for all users on the device as the service is being shared.

 Create guest account in Android

1.On your Android Smartphone swipe down and press the round icon at the top right.


2.Then press ” Add Guest “to  Create a Guest Account .


Note: when activating an Android guest account you will be referred directly to the guest account and leave the current user.Useful if someone wants to use directly your smartphone or tablet.

3.In the list of users (see screenshot Below), you can press’ More Settings ‘.


4.Here you have the possibility to set the rights for each account. If you press the guest account, it lets you allow or block calls.

Remove Guest User

If you want to delete the guest account, you start on the guest account and press users to switch users. Here you have the possibility to remove the guest account by clicking ‘ remove Guest’  option in the menu.

Note: This action permanently removes the guest user account along with the user data including downloaded files and pictures captured while in guest have create guest user account again

Restricting Guest User from Making Calls

Here is how you block making phone calls from your phone by the guest user

  • Pull the notification bar (pull down with two fingers),  in the top right corner of the notification bar click on the user icon.
  • Tap on “More Settings” button at the bottom and then tap on “Settings” next to the created guest account icon.
  • there you will will a toggle switch just turn it  to off position to disallow phone calls for the guest user.


Note:-After enabling this setting whenever a user with the guest account will try to make a call he or she will receive a message “you are not allowed to make non -emergency calls

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