Get 100 GB OneDrive Storage with new Onedrive Android App

Get 100 GB OneDrive Storage with new Onedrive Android App

OneDrive users can get started with a new beta version of the Android app with the Material Design Lollipop. (Download link at the Bottom of the article). This replaces the somewhat ugly interface of the previous version of the app. Also with This Now user can get 100 Gb OneDrive Storage through Bing rewards. All You would need is a Microsoft account.

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How to Get 100 GB OneDrive Storage ??

Previously it was available for United States based users only but now everyone’s in luck, as the offer is now available globally. All you have to do is head to this link after signing in to your Microsoft account to claim the free storage.

The storage is valid for two years, and the offer itself works as advertised:

Bing OneDrive

So, What do you guys think of the get free 100 Gb OneDrive Storage Offer?

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New OneDrive app

Although OneDrive app in functionality has not changed much, the difference between the old and new beta is clear. The gray bar at the bottom with buttons – which took a relatively large space – has been replaced by an orange button action that combines all the features of the beam. The burger menu is customized, making it a sleeker look. New is that right from the menu to navigate to the settings or trash.

microsoft onedrive-app

Strange to the new version of OneDrive is that the notification bar is blue, while the action bar has changed from blue to white. Also notable is that Microsoft has chosen to make the action button right under orange. Possible that here comes in with a new stable release change

Download the apk file OneDrive (beta)

More about OneDrive

galaxy s6 batteryOneDrive is the cloud service offered by Microsoft. With the service, you can not only upload photos and videos automatically, but also open and edit documents and browse and share files. OneDrive works well with Office Mobile, the free office suite from Microsoft. Additionally, you can search your data with a powerful search and protect the app with a numeric code. Each user of OneDrive gets 15GB of free storage in the cloud.

According to the latest rumors, Samsung is the Galaxy S6 deliver specific Microsoft apps, including OneDrive, OneNote, and Office Mobile Skype. For the latter provides the South Korean company reportedly for each customer paid subscription. Outlook is possible, the official e-mail app from Microsoft, the default e-mail app on the Galaxy S6. The new flagship of Samsung unveiled on March 1.

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