Hide unwanted images and MP3 files from the media apps

Hide unwanted images and MP3 files from the media apps

Android media apps automatically insert images and MP3 music files in the memory card to their respective archives. This of course is convenient and practical in most cases, but sometimes you can get the songs in its music player or photographs in their galleriapp that you do not want to be there.

Some games and programs add namely audio files, videos and pictures to the memory card without hiding these for Android – then you have to step in and take care of this yourself. Here’s how –

These are Various Methods that can be used to hide specific folder images or specific images on you android Smartphone.


Method 1: Hide Images in a specific Folder Through Notepad

1) Start Notepad on your computer or a similar note, programs that create plain text files.

2) Allow the contents of the file to be completely blank and click ” Save As ” from the File menu. Select ” All Files “in the File format (otherwise you can not save the file without extension) and rename the file to .nomedia. It is also possible to download the file directly.

3) Copy the .nomedia file to the folders on the memory card that contains the audio files, videos and images you want to hide for Android. These files will still be available to the programs that created them, but you do not have to get the files in media apps.

4) Restart the device and voila – the unwanted media files are hidden!


Method 2: Hide Files or any Media when being very specific about a few files on Android

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. navigate to the image into the Explorer.
  3. Tap on the image/Media.
  4. Now select Rename Option from the different actions available.
  5. While Renaming it just add a “.” (dot) in front of the name of the file.
  6. Now save it.
  7. That’s it, the media will now be hidden from any application that can read the extensions same as that of the application as this method does not deals with the bulk hiding of data, rather we have to select a specific image or media for this to work.

Remember this method is completely different from method 1  as this method does not deals with bulk hiding of data, rather we have to select a specific file or media for this to work.


Method 3: Hide Image using  Androidgnito


Now if you find these Methods very difficult for your intellect or are good to go for an engineer but you can’t handle this thing then AndroidGnito is your Answer. This App does all the hiding without any fuss

Why Will You Use Andrognito?

Andrognito sports a variety of features which will make you fall in love with this app,

• Powerful 3-Layer Encryption Engine that securely locks and hides all your files for complete protection
• Supports hiding of all kinds of files (like Documents, Images, Videos, ZIP, Apps)
• Hide Photos & Videos fast and securely
• Supports vault locking with dynamic time-based PIN
• Unique Stealth Mode feature to deceive intruders into a fake vault
• “Invisible Mode” lets you hide the app from launcher and open via dialer
• Modern and state-of-the-art flat and minimal user interface
• Prevents brute force attacks by automatically locking the app for 15 minutes after 3 failed login attempts.

Download Androidgnito

So This was how to Hide Files and media on Android device. Follow us for more Posts Like this.

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