How to Get whatsapp call invite

How to Get whatsapp call invite

As you know It will soon be possible to make calls via WhatsApp . The company has a beta testing for the chime reactivated and made ??available to more people.but you need a invite to activate whatsapp call on your we will tell you How to Get whatsapp call invite

WhatsApp call goes through the Internet from your smartphone. So you consume no voice minutes, but megabytes. With a 3G and 4G connection, the call quality is good, according to testing Android Planet. However, a Wi-Fi connection is recommended for the best quality. In addition, users via a Wi-Fi connection also call without using their voice minutes or data bundle.

WhatsApp call feature: if you ‘get m

The screenshots below show how the WhatsApp chime looks exactly. Also notable is the new interface of the app, which can be switched between the top of the chime and the regular discussions in WhatsApp. Under the tab ‘Call’ you can see all your calls and contacts with a recent Android version of WhatsApp automatically displays a bell icon.

You get the call feature of WhatsApp by installing the latest version of the Android app. These can be here when installing APK file. Also read how you can install APK files on your Android device. Then it is necessary that you are called by someone with the chime, which is already beta tester.

How to Get whatsapp call invite on your phone

Technology forum XDA various topics open to people who call others. An example is this topic , where you can send an email with your international number 06 to the appropriate email address. The person calling you soon. If you receive a call, pick up and wait a few seconds. After the call ends, the call function for your WhatsApp automatically. You’re then able to call others and activate the WhatsApp chime with them. It is also possible here to an invite request.

so Today you learned How to Get whatsapp call invite on your phone.keep sharing the invites.

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