How to make a video of your Computer Screen – Computer screen recorder

How to make a video of your Computer Screen – Computer screen recorder

How to make a video of your Computer Screen – Computer screen recorder

Making video of computer screen is an extraordinary art. If you know how to make a video of your computer screen, then you are surely a techno create person. Computer Screen Recorder, which is the facility to make a video of computer screen is so easy & handy technique, which we are discussing in this post.

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Now, you can make any video of your computer screen in a simplification format. Sometimes, we see that videos, which are running on the computer screen, may be valuable for a purpose. And, we desire to share those videos with our friends, but lack of knowledge about video editing can harm our sharing desire. Because, we don’t know the exact facility to share that video, seems like embarrassing although.

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In other way, if we are playing games on computer & want to prove ability in front of next person. This way can be useful in many ways here. Yes! We can create a video of our PC screen and share with our friends. We can also teach a particular person, a particular topic from this way.

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There are many ways, which are available for you on the Internet. But, we will share a ease way to complete your wishes for recording the screen. Although, You don’t need any software for this purpose of recording video.  Below is the perfect way, which you may find interesting-

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How to make a video of your Computer Screen—

First Go to any links which are given below—

These are two websites, or can say, Online tools..which provide the complete facilities to record your computer screen video.



Note: If your system has installed JAVA, then you can create a 15 minutes Screen Video by a single click. You just need to create a free account to complete this task. These types of videos can easily be shareable.

So now its not a up hill task to create any video of our computer screen.Try it if you really want to prove your worth among your friends.

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