Reverse Tether Android (Rooted/Unrooted) Over wifi/Usb

Reverse Tether Android (Rooted/Unrooted) Over wifi/Usb

Reverse Tether Android (Rooted/Unrooted) Over Wi-Fi/Usb

There are many different situations where you might want to connect your laptop and mobile device to share Internet access. Most traditional tethering cases involve using a cell phone as a modem to get a laptop or tablet online, but sometimes you just might want to do the reverse – i.e. you might want to use your laptop’s data connection to enjoy Internet access on your Android phone or iPhone, tablet, or any other mobile device. This is called ‘Reverse Tethering’.

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You can accomplish this “reverse tether” from your Windows PC or Mac to your Android or iPhone device in a couple of ways.

In short, Reverse tether means surfing on your phone using the ADSL of your PC.

Here is the complete tutorial on how to reverse tether your phone:


There are two ways you can reverse tether your Android phone – 


Over Wi-Fi


For non-rooted users –


1. An Internet connection with Windows 7 installed on your systems

2. A Wi-Fi connection (available on laptops or you may use a dongle)

3. Connectify software.


Steps by Step Guide to free reverse tether for pc – 

1. Install connectify if you are configuring for the first time.

2. In SSID type the connection name you want to give.

3. Give password if you want to use a secured network.

4. Now select from the connection you want to share i.e. your present internet connection which you are using

5. Select the Wi-Fi network using which you will connect your Android Phone.

6. Select encryption.

a) “Open” if you do not wish to use any password.

b) “WAP/WEP2? or any encryption from the available drop down.

7. Now switch on your Phone Wi-Fi.

8. Click starts Hotspot.

9. Give the password when asked for on your phone.

free reverse tethering

10. You are done, now you will see an active or inactive client in the connectify.

connectify active/inactive clients



Reverse tether For Rooted User


1. Rooted Phone (don’t know what this means? Check out our basic rooting guide)

2. Wi-Fi enabled Laptop or PC.

3. Es file explorer or any other application which gives system access (link)

4. File in the attachment.

I am not the developer of the files supplied


Download and extract “wpa_supplicant” from it, and then save it on your SD card.

Open Es file Explorer

Navigate to system /bin and copy wpa_supplicant and paste the file into any folder on your SD card. This will be used as a backup.

Now navigate to the file you downloaded, copy it and paste it back to system -> bin.

Note, you need to mount the system as R/W instead of R/O by pressing a button on the top just before pasting the file.


Reverse Tethering USB


For Non-rooted Users –


For non-rooted user reverse tether process is very complex and very limited which is why I am not discussing it here if you have knowledge about connections in your Pc then you can try this tutorial…orwarding.aspx


For rooted Users –

This tutorial is based on this app by capslock66 on xda if u have any issue post here


1. A rooted android phone.

2. USB tunnel app.

3. Desktop files and apps needed for reverse tether.





Start with Unpacking the zip file. This zip files holds the android APK, windows part and ADB.

You must install drivers for your device. Generic driver provided by Google is on the

You can also check the Universal Naked Driver

Ensure that you have debugging enabled on your mobile phone :

Now –

Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging > Turn On

Ensure that you have root access AND SuperUser application installed.

Change the SuperUser settings (to do this : Menu -> Preferences -> Notifications part) :

Uncheck “Notifications” label to display “Do not show notification when an app is granted Su Permissions”



1. Connect your Android phone to your desktop via USB cable. Do not turn on USB storage.

2. Open the folder. Open android tool application

The AndroidTool.exe is the windows part

reverse tether for PC using USB

3. Start reverse tether

Just click “Connect”.

If you are using this program for the first time, this will install the latest android package and dependencies (busybox and redsocks).

The SuperUser process may ask you to allow “Usb tunnel”

reverse tether

4. Enjoy.

reverse tether

If you have Completed the whole process and did not get any error popping up, then congratulations! Reverse tethering is done and you should be able to use your PC connection on your android phone. If it doesn’t work then post the connection log with the error you are facing in our comments section.

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  1. krithik

    I don’t get the accept from Superuser and the tethering stops at:

    Android Super may ask you to accept rights.
    Check your android and accept ” Superuser Request” now if needed !!!
    Wait for superuser right – 25

    What is there i need to do to get that accept from Super user? Nothing is showing on my phone to accept or reject.

  2. praveen

    after connecting the usb and run the android tool ,there are no port such as
    and google play
    how to make them connected and configure

  3. markp

    Holy sh*t! Works like a CHARM!

    I’ve got it working for an Android 2.3 phone connected to a) Windows7 or b) WindowsXP running as a guest OS within VMWare.


    Very easy to setup!

    I especially like the status/speed window showing the up/down bytes per tunnel/port … the visual indication lets me know the network traffic isn’t going out over the airways via phone.

    Did I tell ya just how FREAKIN’ AWESOME this is! 😉

  4. someone

    I click the “Connect” button and it says “ADB unstable please kill adb” and I did this over and over and over again and there is the same problem. What should I do?

  5. Miss_AngeL

    I don’t get the accept from Superuser and the tethering stops at:

    Android Super may ask you to accept rights.
    Check your android and accept ” Superuser Request” now if needed !!!
    Wait for superuser right – 25

    What is there do i need to do to get that accept from Supersuer cuz nothing is showing on my phone to accept or reject.

      1. kaizad

        i emptied the cache of gmail app but still gmail app says no network connection but my browser i can browse with help of pc internet but i cant download any stuff even from inbuilt browser and also google play apps also i cant download.. please help…

        1. Abhishek Agarwal

          ohh do u have mobile data pack on mobile if dont have just on the data connection on mobile then do reverse tether u will not be charged

  6. c nun

    HI done with your tutorial reverse thereing Over USB and everithing ok, now a cuestion?

    Can i send it by wifi? i mean to say till i connected by usb can i send that internet over wifi?


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