How to Protect your Data (Yourself) Online – 4 Ways

How to Protect your Data (Yourself) Online – 4 Ways

How to Protect your Data (Yourself) Online?

Data protection is a needy task in this sensitive world. You can’t believe on anybody here. Similarly, If we talk about protecting the data from somebody, who casts an evil on it, becomes so much necessary. In this rude world, If s single person is not safe, then how you can say your data is safe enough? Now, let’s talk this protection of your privacy online in a technical way.

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There is always some important data available in each computer. It can be office files of yours or may be Family Photographs etc. All types of data usually save in Hard Drive. But it can crash, even laptop can be stolen. In this condition, If there is any important data, which is stolen then, you will feel like jazz that time or, helpless I can say. You suddenly becomes irritating or annoying handsome personality in this world. You always think about recovery of your data. But you couldn’t help it. :(

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If this is like, then You don’t need to get worry from this time. Because, we are available here with some extraordinary solutions for keeping your data safe. Although, there are many sites or online tools, which promises to keep your data protect every time. And, yeah! that’s so true though..! 😉

Below is the some excellent websites available to to Protect your Data (Yourself) Online each and every second-

Ways to Protect your Data (Yourself) Online

How to Protect your Data (Yourself) Online - 4 Ways


You can store up to 50GB data on adrive. For storing the data, you have to go to the site, then sign up. After that one Routine Verification process will happen. It loads the web interface. Here, you can store your file as well as can change & see also. It works on all platforms but need of Java apps is compulsory. By this service, you can upload & download the files at a same time.


It can be said that dropbox is almost everything for providing online space to protect your data. It is only works on desktop but also on I-Phone, I-Pad & Blackberry Devices. You can download free app & then can see in your mobile devices also. Dropbox provides free 2GB space for storage, but if you invite your friends for this facility then you can earn more space as the result of. Desktop Client like Windows, Mac, Linux etc integrate with operating system without any obstacle.

Dropbox folder update your all files of Personal computer automatically,if it is present in your PC. You don’t have to open your browser even. Update of all file also happen with search, drag & drop activity. You can access files with the help of web file manager also.

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With the help of Box, you can store 5 to 50GB data online. But it all depends on your activity of signup. You can store till 5GB data through desktop sign up, but by the help of I-Pad you can store up to 50GB data. Box can’t provide the facility of synchronization of files in Windows or Mac. It provides all the facility of app for Android Phones, Tablets, I-Phone, I-Pod, I-pad,Blackberry phones & Playbook Tablet.

You can also share your all contents by using your mobile device by the e-mail. You can also create folders with drag and drop service. You can’t search your specific file which you upload. It is a only cache in that.


Skydrive provide the facility of free storage till 25GB as well as provides the facility of working in Internet Explorer. The free storage bar facility available on left side & for check the Files & Folders facility available on right side.

After selecting a single file the options of copy, delete, edit & download automatically come. Office docs can be created in File Manager. As you can save & share these files with others. Because the MICROSOFT developed it, It doesn’t provide the facility of app.

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Protect your Data (Yourself) Online – 4 Ways Comparison


  • PAID STORAGE- $14(100GB)
  • DRAG & DROP- No
  • SEARCH- Yes
  • DESKTOP CLIENT- Win/Mac/Linux



  • FREE STORAGE- 5 to 50GB
  • PAID STORAGE- $15(500GB)
  • MOBILE APPS- Yes(IOS,BlackBerry,Android)
  • DRAG & DROP- Yes
  • SEARCH- No
  • DESKTOP CLIENT-    ——-

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  • PAID STORAGE- $20(100GB)
  • MOBILE APPS- Yes(IOS,BlackBerry,Android)
  • DRAG & DROP- Yes
  • SEARCH- Yes
  • DESKTOP CLIENT- Win/Mac/Linux



  • PAID STORAGE-     ——
  • DRAG & DROP- No
  • SEARCH- Yes
  • DESKTOP CLIENT-    ——-

So these are the top ways to Protect your Data Online by the help of Online Storage Data Websites. It is really useful information for everybody who loves to care about his/her data.

Thanks for reading this information.

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