Root Galaxy S4 (AT&T,Sprint,Verizon & T-Mobile brand)

s4 is the most popular phone of 2013.It has created a lot of buzz  even if it is only lauched two months ago it.So if you have pre-ordered your galaxy s4 then you have surely your galaxy s4 in your hands till now.As is with the release of popular smartphones, rooting method are generated simeantaously  realeased.After all what’s the point of paying so much for an expensive phone if you can’t have a little fun?. So now we will see how you can root galaxy s4.

Root Galaxy S4

At this point, since there are no custom recoveries or stock images available, so it may not be possible to repair your device should you accidentally break it while you root Galaxy s3 but once this phone is in market for some time I will provide you with stock recovery.


This method to root galaxy s4 was developed by Android developer Dan Rosenberg (aka djrbliss) using his motorola root app Motochopper. It works for U.S. model GS4 or any model with a Qualcomm-based variant such as AT&T,Sprint,T-mobile .So If you have doubt first read this basic rooting guide.

ROOT Galaxy S4 Verzion brand

. Flash VRUAMD2 kernel using ODIN. (use PDA option)
2. Follow Root Method Given below.
3. Update SuperSU app on Play Store, then open the app to update binaries.
4. Flash VRUAMDK kernel using ODIN./

UPDATE: For those of you with T-Mobile’s latest UVUAMDL firmware or Sprint’s latest VPUAMDLfirmware, this root method will not work. BUT, you can use CWM or TWRP method below along with kernel fix to root. (See Sprint Kernel fix and T-Mobile Kernel fix)

Root Galaxy s4 any brand

-Ensure that you’ve installed the latest Samsung USB drivers available for your phone before you start.

-Install latest adb version for your PC.

-First Download the motochopper zip file .

-Extract the entire contents of the zip file.

-Make sure that USB Debugging mode is enabled on your device (Apps -> Settings -> Developer Options -> USB debugging).

-Connect your device to your PC via USB.

-If you’re using Windows, navigate to the directory You have extracted the ontents of the file and execute “run.bat

and If you’re using Linux or OS X navigate to the extracted directory in a terminal and execute ““.

-Approve the ADB connection from your PC on your device.

-Wait for process to complete.

-Congrats process of root galaxy s4 is complete !.


Video on how to root Galaxy S4



Note:-As always, future OTA updates may remove the ability to regain root access, so proceed with caution when updating. Enjoy!.


Credits –Galaxys4root

You can also post your comment on rooting experience and for any help you want on how to root galaxy s4. If you want rooting guide for any other phone also mention it in comments.

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