How to Share Files Online Free – Share Folder Online

How to Share Files Online Free – Share Folder Online

How to Share Files Online Free?

If you want to share your Files Online in front of Audience including Facebook, Twitter & other social networking sites, then here’s a cool way for you to Share Folders Online in front of your Audience in a single click. Meanwhile, People are so busy in this new Innovative world. They don’t have a time to surf other websites except Social Media. But, they all want to share files & folders online in front of other audience too. So try this Share Online Files free way-

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How to Share Files Online Free – Share Folder Online

There are many facilities like Dropbox and Google Drive available on internet,which make sharing files so easy anywhere in the world. You can share your online files with your friends and fans easily in a few seconds. You can divide your files in a format of shared folders easily,without any obstacle. As you upload the file in a form of shared folders, then with in a few mins it approaches to all the people, with whom you were to share.

How to Share Files Online Free - Share Folder Online

One big problem with this service is that the information of update, don’t reach to each individual. So, there are not many technisevi persons, who can check the folders in Google Drive or Dropbox again and again. For solving this problem, Ibeam website has developed a special tool.

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How to Share Online Files & Folders in a Ease way-

Go to the link which is given below-

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Here you can connect your any Google Drive or Dropbox contact. If you do this for once with ibeam, then your friends will receive a chance to get your files in a form of E-mail attachment. This free service attaches files & send it to emails till 25MB file. From this way, your friends receive your sharing properties in a form of E-mail.
So try this unique way of sharing folder & file with your fans & Friends.. :)

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