IMMERSIVETAILLE the Best Start Menu Replacement

Wish that You can use your Access Your Metro UI apps and Pic of Your gf/bf on desktop at the same time!!!!. If u have wished for it then your wish is approved now you can use desktop and start screen simultaneously..yes it is possible With ImmersiveTaille (For windows 8) the best Start menu replacement 

IMMERSIVETAILLE  is  the future of start menu replacement and desktop screen on windows 8!!!!




this Start menu replacement  is responsible for making up the new home screen of Windows 8 (with dynamic thumbnails) and the traditional Windows desktop in the same window. This fusion avoids having to switch from one to the other at all times.which is one of the considered drawbacks of windows 8

Using the options you can choose to set automatic shutdown while restoring the original appearance of the home screen. Useful if you enable the option to see the home screen when the program starts (combined with oblytile) you can have your personal space as an example for your games, software  and anything you want for you making it the best Start menu replacement

ImmersiveTaille with oblytile gives you what windows 8 has taken from you more personalisation of you windows according to your needs and wants.So hurry up and use this Start menu replacement  for a diffrent experince on windows 8.

this Start menu replacement app  advanced mode allows you to set the home screen where you want on your desktop and the size you want to keep on the desktop of your start screen.


Latest Version::


Changelog :2.0

 -Graphic change-Advanced mode recording with a preference

-And new tab with options for various settings to make combination

For example:
click software -> displays StartScreen -> start a game -> software that closes itself and you can restore the size if you want StartScreen



 : -First apps with basic graphic and advanced setting. No more options.


Download ImmersiveTaille : here


this software is in english. Windows 8 32/64 RTM (i not tested in other windows 8 …)

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