How to increase Whatsapp file size limit

How to increase Whatsapp file size limit

Whatsapp Messenger is the most used messenger in the word.Other than sending messages it has also became a medium to share pictures and videos quickly but for a long time a problem has been associated with this sharing i.e the 16 mb whatsapp file size limit on videos that can be shared by whatsapp.Since most videos today are greater in size it annoys a lot of user. So today With this guide we will show how to increase whatsapp file size limit that you can send with WhatsApp.Through this whatsapp trick the whatsapp video size can be increased to 2048.

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Increase maximum whatsapp file size limit without root

For increasing  whatsapp file size limit you will need a app called cloudsend.That is used for sending any type of file through any messenger but it is used extensively for android.Follow these steps below to use cloudsend

-Install Cloudsend from playstore

CloudSend will ask you to link it with your Dropbox account. Without any hassle, allow it.

-Now you have completely setup the sharing process.

-Now Navigate to the file you wish to share with your friends.

-Long tap on the file and chose share option

-It will Upload the file and create a sharing link and you can send the link to the other user.


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Increase whatsapp file size (Root Required)

If your phone is rooted then you can do it without any hassle or links.


To Increase whatsapp file limit you need to complete following requirements

  • Have permission to ROOT
  • Having installed a File Explorer (Root Browser type or similar)
  • Having already installed and activated WhatsApp on your device

Increase Maximum size

  • Open the folder date and its sub date
  • Open the folder com.whatsapp and subsequently its subfolder shared_prefs folder

  • Open the file com.whatsapp_prefrences.xml via TEXT EDITORS (so you can edit and save the strings)
  • Search for the string with the inscription <int name = “media_limit_mb” value = “16” />

  • Now just change the number “16” with the MB that you want (It is recommended to make a backup of the file before editing)
  • Save the file and reboot the device

Next time when you will send a file you will see the maximum whatsapp file size limit is increased to 1024 Mb

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So here are the most useful and most Know ways to increase whatsapp file size limit .if you know any other useful tip share with us in comments.also subscribe or share the tips for everyone to know.


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