How to install app on Android Smartwatch Wear

How to install app on Android Smartwatch Wear

Android Wear is in effect a complete distribution of Android, which allows you to run (almost) all types of application, with the only limit given by the small screen of smartwatch. In this guide we look at what are the steps to  install app on android smartwatch wear , not that this is necessarily designed for this type of devices.


Before we start to install app on android smartwatch wear we need to make sure adb is running

-Adb installed and running (Refer to this Guide)

Enabling the USB debugging:

1.On your paired (smartphone or tablet) to activate the USB debugging. If this is the first time you do, head in the system settings and go to the information screen on the phone.

2.At this point you can either repeat the value “Build Number”, until you will be notified of the activation of the development options.

3.Head back and go to the “Developer Options”; here you can enable USB debugging.

4.At this point we will have to activate this function on smartwatch. The settings you reach the “Information” screen and press repeatedly on “Build Number”. On the Settings screen of the developer is activated “Debug ADB” and “Debug via Bluetooth”.

enable usb debugging
5.As a last step, open the app on Android Wear paired device and settings activate “Debug via Bluetooth”.

Configuring ADB:

By ensuring the smartwatch is coupled, connect your smartphone or tablet to your PC and check that it is recognized by adb with the command:

adb devices
The response to this command should give you a numeric code supported by the device name.

Tests the connection type in the following commands:

adb forward tcp: 6666 localabstract: / adb-hub

adb connect localhost: 6666


Reinsert the first command and verify that there is this line:

localhost: 6666 device

android adb

Install app on android smartwatch wear:

If you have successfully completed the steps now your smartwatch is ready to receive commands(See Screenshot above) adb and send any app will be very simple.

1.Simply arrange the apk (from legal sources and official) of the app you want to install  and place it in the folder adb.

2.Disconnect your smartphone or tablet from the USB port and with the following command you can proceed with the installation:

adb -e install filename.apk

3.Instead of “filename” you can just replace the actual name of the file. At the end of the process you should see the message “Success” and your app will already be present and bootable on smartwatch.


Set a resolution (DPI) customized:

To allow visualization “regular” of the app, on the small screens of smartwatch we can play on the density virtual screen (before be sure to know what the original of your smartwatch). Even this is possible thanks to a command:

adb -e shell density wm 240

Instead of 240, you can enter the desired value. One less than the default (eg. 240 for LG G Watch like in image below) allow you to have more items on the screen, at the price of a loss of readability on smaller characters.



Ending an app:

When you have finished using the app and want to get out of it you can use two methods.

1.The simplest, but not always working, plan to make a double tap on the screen

2. You’ll have to use the following command adb:

adb -e shell am force-stop nomepacchettoapp

The package name of the app is traceable with the command:

adb shell ps -e

Once completed you can use to restore the original resolution of the device, using the command specified in the relevant section of this guide. Remember also that the app for smartphones and tablets are not optimized for the processors and the batteries of the devices Android Wear, so keep the charger always on or the battery  will very soon.

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