How to install BusyBox on Non-rooted Android device

If you have a rooted Android phone and utilizing it to the fullest, then probably your device is generations ahead a of non-rooted Android device.

But as a matter of fact, majority of Android users are having non-rooted devices. And certainly this snatches the opportunity to use BusyBox on their phone.

To solve this issue only, active developers came up with BusyBox for Non-Rooted Android devices.

For starters, busybox allows you to use additional linux commands. BusyBox provides several stripped-down Unix tools in a single executable file.

It runs in a variety of POSIX environments such as Linux (including Android), FreeBSD and others, such as proprietary kernels, although many of the tools it provides are designed to work with interfaces provided by the Linux kernel. [Source : Wikipedia].



*Before you begin, you need :

  • An Android device running version 1.6 or up.
  • BusyBox Non-Root app on your device (Play Store link).


*How to set-up BusyBox on Non-Rooted Android :

  • Done with installing the BusyBox Non-Root app? If yes, open the app from app drawer.
  • Click on “Install BusyBox” to download and install all the BusyBox binaries.
  • Once installed, click on the BusyBox location and it will copy the path to the binaries to your clipboard to make it easy to get to them. Open your Terminal and change directory to the path.
  • Enjoy BusyBox on your Non-Rooted Android device.

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