Everything about Apple iWatch Release Date,Specification & Price

Everything about Apple iWatch Release Date,Specification & Price

After the Samsung’s smash hit Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Apple also thinks to launch its new Apple iWatch. Many rivals Smartphone companies are already launches their Smartwatch,such as Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear with Galaxy Note 3.So it is expect that Apple maybe launch its iWatch with upcoming flagship Apple iPhone 6 which is released in next year 2014.Lets see Apple iWatch Release Date, Apple iWatch price and Rumored specification.


iWatch Release Date & Specification

 Apple iwatch release date

Apple iWatch allows you to control music ,increase and decrease volume,can secure your phone ,see your body temperature & energy use and do much more things without using your iPhone.Apple iWatch maybe similar look like NIKE’s FUEL BAND which displays time & date,iTunes Style music player and a menu which contains iMessage, iBooks and calendar app.

Apple iWatch is not just like a simple watch,its more from a normal watch to check your emails and tweets without using your iPhone.You can also read and reply your Facebook messages from iWatch. It is imagine that iWAtch introduced with upgraded iOS with Apple’s iBeacn Technology which sits on top of the Bluetooth low energy.By this feature you can operate you device for months on tiny coin size cell batteries.So if Apple didn’t got profit from iWatch sales,then Bluetooth low energy maybe a opportunity to keep market position up for Apple products.


 According to Apple Insider Many employees hired from other companies to make iWatch better and different from others.100 of employees of Apple  were busy in making to iWatch a best smartwatch. Apple iWatch Release Date maybe decided by its CEO and it is also depend on employees time work and material consumed

This iWatch is look like a slap bracelet which is patent by Apple for iWatch trademark in Japan.

According to NPD display news,

Apple iWatch is come with 320 x 320 1.3 inch and 1.6 inch flexible AMOLED display which is more realistic from a circular screen.There are another rumour specification that Apple iWatch maybe comes with a super hard curved glass screen.This iWatch runs on modified iOS. Apple iWatch’s battery life is 4 to 5 days after the full charge of battery which is great for rival Galaxy Gear.

iWatch Release Date prices

Talking about Apple

iWatch Release Date Price it is more costly from current rival smart watch.Such as Sony Smartwatch 2 which is come in a price tag of £150 and Samsung Galaxy Gear is come in tag of £220.So it is normally expected that Apple iWatch price is maybe come in price tag of £300 as Apple always makes high class luxury products.

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