Lifi Internet -A Revolution Increases Speed Upto 3GBPS!

Lifi Internet -A Revolution Increases Speed Upto 3GBPS!

Lifi Does THat for you.Lifi Internet is a new wireless communication technology which is works on using of LED lighting network.Lifi Internet technology has been successfully developed and founded by Chinese scientists group in Beijing. In lifi we can connect to the internet by send signal through LED light bulbs. LiFi technology was defined by the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD IEEE. Lifi technology is faster than WiFi technology. Let’s know about Lifi Internet networking technology.

Why Is Lifi Internet A Revolution




Scientist CHI said that , In this new discovery lifi, a led light source is connected with attached microchips which can give data rates as 150MBPS. This data speed is an average speed of broadband connection in china. The current wireless signals are transmitted under an expensive way with low efficiency but Lifi Internet signals are transmitted under LED lighting means a LED bulb can produce 150MBPS data transfer speed.”

The term Li-Fi was coined by Edinburgh University’s Prof Harald Haas during a TED talk in 2011 (see below for video) though the technology is also known as visible light communications (VLC).

Here IS the Video of That TED Talk


In Lifi Internet technology you can get a highest data download and upload speed which is never seen before on internet.This technology is much fast than 3G – 4G – 5G technique.

As we read above that this technology is runs on LED.LED lamps are much different from other lamp because they are controlled under semi conductor. This facility allows them to convert simple data rates in highest rate. This concept give maximum speed of 3GBPS in compare to wifi connection which can reach up to maximum 100MBPS rate

[symple_highlight color=”green”]Around the world something 14 Billion lamps are available which become green mobile internet which allows to connect mobile internet at maximum speed.These all are done by Lifi Internet technology[/symple_highlight].

Its Working Is Shown in Below Image

Lifi Internet

“To at reach at this maximum 3GBPS speed the HHS found a new way to read at 180MHz bandwidth out of the LED and used on just LED.To use this technology we have to wait till next year.But all of these this technology should approve by CHINA government to use them at fastest speed.”

Every lifi light can give 10 times more speed than a WiFi , these frequency are completely free because any one can use light source. LiFi technology doesn’t have any role of radio frequencies and electromagnets ,This is only works on LED lighting network.

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