3 ways you can make Android screen capture

Since Android 4.4 (KitKat) is not only possible to take screenshots of your screen, but also videos. Many apps to an Android screenshot require root access, but we show how can you make android screen capture without root.

A short little research on Google Play shows that there are several apps available for creating screen recordings. You want to record your screen, you can for instance use the free app Rec.(Screen Recorder). A drawback is that you need at least Android 4.4 (KitKat) and must have a rooted device. Turns your smartphone or tablet Android Lollipop, then root access is not required. The same applies to a widely used app as Screen Recorder; with an older Android version, and you have little to no root there.

Make Android screen capture (Android 5.0+)

make android screenshotAre you in possession of a smartphone or tablet with Android 5.0 +, then AZ Screen Recorder is without doubt the best app for creating screen recordings. So you need a recent Android version, but does not need to rooting your device.

AZ Screen Recorder is free to download and convenient for recording your screen either in landscape or portrait mode.Although the app costs no money, there is no time limit on videos and no watermark added. The quality of the recordings is fine (in HD or full HD) and is convenient that you can annotate videos and they can crop afterwards. Furthermore, you can use the front camera of your device so that viewers of the video to see who will comment.

? Download AZ Screen Recorder in Google Play (free)

Make Android screen capture (Android 4.4 and earlier versions)

FREE screen recorder NO ROOT “is one of the few screen recorders in Google Play that does not require root and works with Android 4.4 and earlier versions of the operating system. After installing the app is still required an activation app and downloadable plug-in, which also require additional permissions. Then you can start a screen shot by pressing a button in portrait or landscape mode.

Recording android screen

The free version of the app or are some snags. Although the screen recorder records video and audio, the frame rate of 8 frames per second rather low. Also included is a watermark on the recordings. The paid version of the app (EASY screen recorder Developer Invisibility Ltd) does not have these limitations.

? Download EASY screenrecorder in Google Play (5,99 Euro)

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EASY screen recorder NO ROOT
Invisibility Ltd
£ 5.50

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Good alternatives are at the time of writing if your Android KitKat or an older Android version running. Many screen recorders work poorly or not at all, does it require a lot of permissions.

Screen recording with the Android SDK (Android 4.4 + PC)

Do not you want to work with apps or rooting, you can also use the Android SDK on your computer. This can be downloaded via the Android Developers website from Google. Download and install the software and connect your Android device (version 4.4+) to your PC.

android sdk screen record

Then select “USB Debugging on your device, and navigate on your PC to the folder Android SDK> SDK> platform-tools. From within this folder, right-click on a white field and select the “Open command prompt” ( explanation for Windows 8 users). Then you start to enter a screen shot from ‘adb shell screen record /sdcard/example.mp4. The screen recording is terminated if you press Ctrl-C, then you find the video on your Android device (and not on your PC).

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