Market Enabler -Install Country-Restricted Apps

Market Enabler -Install Country-Restricted Apps

This is Second Part Of your article on how to install incompatible apps on your phone .you can find the first part here .

Market Enabler

If you have forgotten to install your bank’s app before travelling or you want to install a video or music-playing app that’s not available in your country.Some apps are only available in certain countries but you may be able to fool Google into thinking your device is actually in another country.Yes you can do it with the help of market enabler.


Market Enabler is an application to fake the phone’s location and access markets from other countries. Android market is separated into regions (country and carrier specific) and some apps are just enabled for a specific country and not available to the other Countries.




To be able to change the systems runtime configuration (what Market Enabler does) you will need access as a root user to the system.

Market Enabler expects that you will have a file called “su” on your system (and in the global path) that will open a root shell.(don’t no how to do it ?? check out our rooting guide )


The commands that are used, are not always part of the Android system.

Most rooted phones have busybox on board as it’s common to install it during the rooting process or included in most custom roms

If you don’t have busybox, I recommend using the busybox installer from stericson on the market.


Installing market enabler

-Download market enabler from here and install it like any other app

-Now You need to clear the Google Play Store app’s data to make it detect your device’s new country.
-To do so, open the Settings screen, tap Apps, swipe over to the All list, scroll down to the Google Play Store app, and tap it.
Tap Force stop, Clear data, and then Clear cache.

Market Enabler

Market Enabler

Changing Regions (Fooling play store !)

1.  Once installed, open up the Market Enabler app.2.  Click on ‘Save current settings’.  This is important as it will get things back to what they were

Market Enabler
3.  In the ‘Settings List’ tab, select the carrier you want to fake for Google Play

Market Enabler

IV.  Back to Your Region

1.  Once you have installed the app that you wanted, open up MarketEnabler again.

2.  Click on Restore – this will restore your Market settings to their previous local state.

So with help of market enabler we can install apps like paypal,hulu,spotify which are restricted to us play store only.if you having any problem such as market enabler not working post it in comments so that your problem could be solved

As I came To know Market Enabler Is not working on latest Google Play store Use this app market unlocker It is working with latest play store (link)

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