Market Unlocker (Pro)-Install Country Restricted Apps

Market Unlocker (Pro)-Install Country Restricted Apps

If you live outside of the United States, you know how difficult it can be to get some of the hottest newapps that are inexplicably US-only, and you know the pain of not being able to use the Amazon App Store at all. Market Unlocker is an Android app for rooted devices that makes your phone look to the Android Market and to the Amazon App Store like a US-based Verizon Wireless phone, so you can browse, buy, and download apps to your heart’s content.

 android market unlocker


Market Unlocker is an Android app which lets you access paid or restricted apps in Google Play Store(previously Android Market) and Amazon Appstore in one click. It’s safe, stable, simple and free.


The big catch to Market Unlocker free app is that you’ll have to find your own proxy server to use it. If you want a list of suggested proxies or you want the app to connect for You have to go for pro version.

You Are Lucky Because Android Weed is Giving Unlocker Pro Version free to its users as a promotional event!!

Download Market Unlocker Pro

Note :-

Note :-Market unlocker last pro version was 3.3 and if the pro version doesn’t work due to  new update of play store  you can download the free version from link below and follow the tutorial to use market unlocker

Download Market Unlocker latest version 

This Pro Version removes Ads and enables automatic fetch of proxies.


market unlocker pro version


Features Of market Unlocker

* Change provider in one click

* Change provider automatically on boot or switch to flightmode

* Access Market via Proxy. It support HTTP, Socks4, Socks5 proxy and user authentication.

* Support Amazon Appstore outside USA.

* Support search, retrieve and configure proxy automatically (only pro version)

* Support global proxy for all application

* Clear dalvik-cache of Google play to force it re-initialization (new feature since 3.3.8)

Market Unlocker


To use market unlocker

* Get Root permission(don’t know how to do it Check Out this rooting guide )

* Installed Google Play (Android Market)

* Installed Amazon Appstore (optional)

* Installed app in internal storage to auto unlock

To work with Android Market 3.x and Google Play,

1. Turn on flight mode

2. Enable Market Unlocker and auto unlock (by default Verizon is configured)

3. Got to system Setting => Applications => Manage applications => All =>Play Store , and click “Clear data

4. Reboot phone

5. Turn on Wifi/3G

Recently google play has been updated to check user ip address as welll as carrier. In this case, you need enable proxy for google play. Insert configuration before step 6.
Steps to enable proxy:
a. Go to Proxy tab
b. Click edit icon beside “Proxy For Applications”, select “Google Play” in list, and click OK button.
c. Configure Proxy Type, Proxy Host, Proxy Port. Please make sure you’re using an effect USA proxy server first. For pro version user, just click “Fetch USA Proxy” to get one proxy configured automatically.
d. Switch “Enable Proxy” to “ON”

6. Wait google service sync-up completed or refresh in Gmail

7. Open Android Market or Google Play. paid apps are there.

Turn off flight mode now.


To work with Amazon appstore:

Amazon appstore does not allow users to buy paid apps from outside USA, even if users have been registered use US credit card and US address.

Market Unlocker can also set a USA proxy for Amazon appstore to help you buy daily free apps as well as paid apps.

To achieve this,

First install Appstore app, otherwise the function check box will not be visible.

1. Go to Proxy tab

2. Configure Proxy Type, Proxy Host, Proxy Port. Please make sure you’re using an effect USA proxy server first.

3. Check “Involve Amazon Appstore” button

4. Enable “Enable Proxy” to “ON”

Open Appstore again, it should now work for you.



if you get a “no connection” error in google play with this proxy, try fetch another proxy and re-enable proxy.

Hence If market Unlocker Doesn’t work for You or some proxy is nt working plz mention it in comments.

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  1. Vaibhav

    Its not Working in my Lg L70 Dual when i click on Enable unloker its start loading after 30 40 sec its shows configuring operation failed
    Plzz help me..

  2. Hann

    It’s work on my samsung galaxy… the proxy running… but i can’t get app at amazone… amazone ask me to fullfill my location n my credit card.. so what i must to doing?

  3. ShakibMirza

    Hi,I am Shakib Mirza From India, I Do All Those Steps What Your Write In Your Blog, But i Have One New Problem After This Steps, My Google Play store Do Not Work Properly, I Can Open It And Play Store Say Me No Connection, I Use All The Counties Proxy But It Cant Work, And My Wifi Signals Are Not Normal In Color, its Now In Grey Color, Please Help Me, please…….. Thank You…

        1. Mohammed

          If you have rooted phone, first open browser and goto data folder and find host file then delete it restart phone. It will fix your play store error.


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