Misconceptions About how to hack whatsapp

Misconceptions About how to hack whatsapp

When I wrote My post on how to ‘hack whatsapp messenger’ I got a lot comments on it (about 400 and still counting) and most of them wanted to hack whatsapp to see someone conversations and become a whatsapp spy. In those comments I came to know about some websites and fake tools which users have used and  lost a lot of money. So I  decided to write this post after researching a lot on web about some Misconceptions about how to hack whatsapp.

* This article is for educational purposes only, we are not responsible for actions of any individual

1. Misconceptions about How to hack whatsapp messenger account without any access to the phone –

There are plenty of app and youtube videos (some are listed below) that tell of various method on how to hack whatsapp without any access to the victim phone and turn you into a whatsapp spy in a fortnight, but most of them are fake.





The method that work on whatsapp are as follows –

1. spoofing mac address

2. accessing whatsapp backup database

3. IMEI reverse lookup


2.Misconception  about how to hack whatsapp with WhatsApp Sniffer

Whatsapp Sniffer is an app that captures the conversations, pictures/videos and coordinates that are sent or received by an Android phone, iPhone or Nokia on the same WI-FI network. It has not been tested with Windows Phone terminals. It can’t read the messages written or received by the BlackBerry’s, as they use their own servers.

 How to hack whatsapp How to hack whatsapp

WhatsApp Sniffer was originally available to download from Google Play, but was removed recently. It was the First working hacking tool or app for hacking whatsapp account see here on android central post.

This app used to work because WhatsApp actually sends all chats in plaintext, so anyone on the same Wi-Fi network can easily pull your entire conversation, but in august 2012 whatsapp started encryption of its chat.(see image below)Here is the post about that

 How to hack whatsapp
whatsapp encrypting its messeges

whatsapp encrypting its messeges

This meant that tools WhatsApp Sniffer no longer worked, but some website are still posting it as a tool on how to hack whatsapp and even charging money from them. So, my friends please stop downloading or using this app because this app is now of no use, and if a website says that this whatsapp hacking technique works he is just trying to get traffic on site or make money, so beware.


3. Misconceptions about how to hack whatsapp with whatsapp hacking tool

This website http://whatsapphack.com/ is claming that there is a tool named whatsapp hack tool which can hack any whatsapp.but it is 100% fake.I have got a lot of complain from the users that the owner of the site ask them for like his page and then money for giving them the tool and the tool he gives is a fake one and doesnt work it is just the whatsapp sniffer i mentioned above.

See the screenshot below

how to hack whatsappuser complaining about site

Also This same owner of site sH4x claim on his other website .



That all the other hacks are fake including this one and real ones are only the one he has posted.so he is just confusing the people to get money.


how to hack whatsapp


how to hack whatsapp

4. How to hack whatsapp using spyware

i have seen some site mentioning about spyware such as bossy to hack or spy whatsapp but the truth is the bossy is not free and only locate gps of the phone even if you pay and also you have to install the app in the victim phone to use that only so plz dont buy this software because you will only loose money.


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    1. Editor

      Yes, the package has been customized differently for different operating systems. Read our post on WhatsApp hack and tricks, download the package and go according to the instructions in the post.

  1. Nobody

    Pls send the link to download the app on my android phone so that I can use it to check my sons what’s app on my phone… Please assist ASAP!

    1. Editor

      Read our post on WhatsApp hakcs and tricks, you can download our whatsapp hack bundle from there which will serve your purpose. :)

  2. Bambi Annora

    This post is really necessary and we can also spy whatsapp users. we can easily track our children. we are satisfy with your mentioned post


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