Portable Antivirus for PC – Microsoft Safety Scanner

Portable Antivirus for PC – Microsoft Safety Scanner

Portable Antivirus for PC – Microsoft Safety Scanner

Sometimes we see that there is a virus available on our personal computer which affects our ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE & Security updates. Means in short it doesn’t allow to run ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE  & also doesn’t allow to download the security updates from internet.

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Except that sometimes, when we’ve no internet connection there is a need of an ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE which can protect our computer, and to keep this in flash Drive, which can use in many computers.

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Microsoft gives the facility of free safety scanner according to the users needy for this purpose, which can easily download in our personal computer or Flash Drive. After that it can be run in any computer where we want, Except that If the antivirus is already available in PC.
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Portable Antivirus for PC – Microsoft Safety Scanner


Portable Antivirus for PC - Microsoft Safety Scanner

IN the option of download you have to choose that-

  • PC working on 32-bit version
  • PC working on 64-bit version

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If u don’t know about this also then to find this thing there is a link available also. After this, you can download your favorite Safety Scanner. It’s always free and portable. It means that with the help of flash drive, It can be used in many computers. This software is valid only for 10 days rather than it can be re-download for free again.
Reason being is that it can be updated from latest Threats.

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So Enjoy Services of Portable Antivirus by Microsoft Safety Scanner For your Personal Computer.

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