How to Remove Chat from your Gmail

How to Remove Chat from your Gmail

How to Remove Chat from your Gmail-

Some people use Gmail only for a Mailing purpose in sense of receiving or sending mails. In this condition they don’t want their chat option on left side bar of the page or they got annoyed because of this option.

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In this list, those all the persons are involved, who mails the most or one or two times ever. The all unwanted messages are pop-up in this case, which we never want. Which surely makes our mood irritated. The precaution for this, we have to hide the status, but elsewhere other contacts move in their respective way.

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Now, here If you want to remove the whole chat option from Gmail then, Google has provided the facility. You can go to the Gmail setting page, here you have to select the Chat Option and select the ‘Chat Off’ service.

How to Remove Chat from your Gmail

The Full procedure for removing the Chat option from Gmail has provided below-

Remove Chat Option from your Gmail account-

  • For removing chat from Gmail, first you have to log-in your Gmail account.
  • After that open the Given Link in New Window-
  • Here you can see the Chat Off or Chat On options.
  • Now Simply choose the Chat Off option & save this.

From this way, you can remove the Gmail chat option from your precious Gmail Account.

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In future, if you want to chat on Gmail then Repeat this procedure as select a Chat On option.

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