Root Micromax A50 (ninja) 100% safe Method

Root Micromax A50 (ninja) 100% safe Method

Micromax a50 is the most used micromax android phone. As it happens with all the android phones, to make full use of A50 you need to root this phone. The process to rootmicromax A50 is very simple but lengthy so just follow the guide step by step and you will be able to root micromax phone successfully.

root micromax

Before we start to root Micromax A50 Just make sure of following things :

– Make sure you are not low on battery.
– Make sure your device is completely switched off.
– Take off your battery and put it back on, BUT DO NOT TURN ON THE DEVICE.

Files You will Need To Root Micromax A50



MT65x3 USB VCOM drivers.7z

SP Flash Tool v2.1134.00.7z


You can Also Download the Whole Package from :



Root Micromax A50

0. If You have Downloaded the rar Package then extract it and it will Look like the Image Below otherwise go to step 1.
root micromax
1. Unzip mt65x3 usb vcom drivers.7z and install the drivers.
3. Create a folder in C drive or anywhere you like and unzip SP Flash Tool v2.1134.00.7z.
4. Copy the files MT6573_Android_scatter.txt and boot.img to the folder you created and unzipped the SP Flash Tool v2.1134.00.7z.
5. Open the folder where you extracted SP Flash Tool v2.1134.00.7z and right click on the Flash_tool.exe and run as Administrator
(Orginal a50 boot.img folder contains the stock boot.img file of A50.So if anything goes wrong and your phone is not booting up,You can flash this file,and it'll be back to normal.)
6.In the tool, click on Scatter-loading button and select the Scatter file you downloaded earlier.
To do that Select File>Open Scatter loading file and select MT6573_Android_scatter.txt.And Uncheck everything on the list for now.
root micromax
7. A pop-up might appear, click OK and if you see any kind of error, ignore it.
root micromax
8. A list on the bottom pane should appear of the flash tool window. Uncheck all excet BOOTIMG and click or double click on the BOOTIMG. On the pop-up window, select the boot.img file that you copied earlier and Open.
9. Take out the battery, put it back and without turning on the device Connect it to your PC with the USB cable without pressing any button on the phone. Now windows should find the drivers and install it. After drivers are installed, unplug the cable from your phone. Take out the battery from the phone and put it back again. Do not switch on.
10. After you've done that,Hit F9 or Click on the "Download" button.
root micromax
A message will appear on the bottom right of the window 'Please insert USB cable in 14 seconds', with the counter running. While its running, connect your phone to the PC. If you fail to do it, repeat Step 12.
14. Now unplug your phone, take the battery out, put it back and start the phone normally as you do. Let it fully boot.
15. Once turned ON, go to Menu>>Settings>>Applications>>Development>>USB debugging and tick-mark the box.
root micromax
16. Connect the device to your PC via USB cable.

17. Installing USB ADB Drivers or USB Debugging Drivers:
Open 'Device Manager'.
Right click on 'Micromax A50' and click 'Update Driver Software'.
On the new window, click 'Browse my computer for driver software', then click 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'.
Click 'Have Disk'.
On the new Pop-up window, click 'Browse' and go to the folder where you previously unzipped the drivers and open the folder usb_driver.
Now select from the list of files 'android_winusb.inf' and click 'Open', then click 'OK'.
Now from the list of 3 options, select 'Android ADB Interface' and click 'Next'.
An 'Update Driver Warning' will appear, click 'Yes'.
Another Warning will appear asking 'Would you like to install this device software.
Click Install.
Now the drivers should be installed.
 root micromax a50 ninja
18. Open unlock root on your PC and click on ROOT!The program will root your device.When finished,it will ask you to restart your phone. So switch it off and switch it on again.

19. Now after you have switched on your phone, browse through the Apps Drawer. You should find an application called Superuser And Done !!! .You Have Successfully root micromax A50.
20. Still check it by installing an app that needs root permissions, like Root Explorer.
21. Install BusyBox from PlayStore cuz some programs need it for root access.Now you can Do any thing which is possible due to root micromax A50.

If You Are facing any problems or finding it difficult to understand then drop your queries in our comments section.

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    hay bro this is vinay i am facing a problem in the step i.e., unsiping that usb driver when i unsip the usb driver its not showing the device manager folder on my pc so can you help me with this proble plz im in the center of my rooting process


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