Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (International+All Carrier)

This is the Androidweeds guide to rooting the latest and greatest Samsung device; the Galaxy S3.Like any other Android handset, we’re firmly of the opinion that you’ve gotta root your handset if you want to get the very best performance outta it.So we will tell You in detail how to root samsung galaxy s3 (any versrion )

As always, rooting is at your own risk, and will most likely void your warranty. If you do need to send it back to the factory, make sure you restore stock software first. We’ve tried and verified all the methods below, but computers can be fickle beasties so it’s possible, if very unlikely, that you might brick your device.

Creating Backup

root samsung galaxy s3

Before we start to root samsung galaxy’ve likely had your Galaxy S III for a while now there is data you dont wanna loose . That’s all fine — we’re going to use Carbon Backup to save all your precious memories.

– Download Carbon Backup to your Android device.

– While that’s happening, download the desktop client from here

– Connect the phone to the computer, and let the carbon do its work while you relax back.

root samsung galaxy s3

– Select all apps, and create a backup using Carbon. You can either back up to the cloud (but you’ll need the paid-for Carbon Premium to restore from the cloud), or create a backup to an SD card or your computer



Now Lets Root Samsung Galaxy S3

To root samsung galaxy s3 all you will need is SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 UNIFIED TOOLKIT .You can download it from here







AT&T US [SGH-I747] 









-Follow the instructions, installing the Root Toolkit to a root file on your PC.root samsung galaxy s3
-Run the program. Select your model when prompted — you can find it in Settings–>About device–>Model number (and Android version right underneath).
root samsung galaxy s3
-while the Root ToolKit downloads all the necessary stuff. Eventually, you’ll get to the screen seen above.
NOTE: If you have Kies installed then it is advisable to uninstall it first to avoid conflicts.
a. Make sure your device is booted into Android and the USB cable is unplugged.
b. Select Option 1 in the ToolKit to install the Samsung USB Driver pack. This should install all the necessary drivers you need.
C. While the drivers are installing make sure that USB Debugging is enabled on your device via the Settings, Developer options Screen.
d. After the drivers have been installed connect the USB cable and the PC should detect the device and install the correct drivers. This will also happen when you enter Download Mode and Recovery Mode for the first time.
e. If you want to check the drivers then go to your Control Panel on your PC and open the Device Manager. With the USB cable connected you should see a device listed as 'Samsung Android Phone' or something similar and a driver attached to it.
root samsung galaxy s3
- Go back to the main menu. You want option 2 (root options), and then option 3 (ALLINONE). You want to flash option one (CWRecovery) and then option 2 for superuser.Type yes to start rooting.
Something called ‘Odin’ will open. Follow the instructions on-screen in the Root Toolkit, which will load the recovery image. Your phone will reboot, and you can close Odin.
root samsung galaxy s3
- The Toolkit will do a few more things, and then congrats, procedure to root samsung galaxy s3 is complete



Flashing A Rom Via Cwm Recovery

a. Download your chosen Rom, Radio or Kernel from the Development Forum, then make sure your phone is booted up as normal and connect your usb cable so it goes into MTP Mode. Copy the .zip file (DO NOT UNZIP IT FIRST) to the 'Internal Storage' part on your phone. Do not copy it to a Sub Directory as it will be harder to find when flashing it.
b. Enter CWM Touch Recovery (shut down the phone then hold down the 'HOME' + 'VOLUME UP' buttons and press the 'POWER' button for about 5 seconds).
c. Select 'Install zip from sdcard' and select 'choose zip from sdcard' if the file is on Internal Memory.
d. Scroll to your zip file and select. Then select 'Yes' in the list to start flashing.e. When flashing is finished press the BACK Button to go back until you get to the Main Menu and then select 'reboot system now' to reboot your phone into Android.



Restorings BackUps

– Custom ROMs like CyanogenMod don’t come with Google Apps like Play Store and GMail by default, so we have to re-download them. You can download the actual apps from here.

– While it’s downloading, you need to enable USB debugging again. Go to “Settings –> About –> Build number”, and tap “build number” about ten times, until you get a little message saying “you’re now a developer”.

-Head back into settings, go to “Developer Mode”, and turn on USB debugging.

root samsung galaxy s3

– Once you have the download, copy the .zip onto your SIII. Power down your device, and boot it up into the bootloader (hold down power, home and volume up buttons at the same time).

-Select “Recovery”; then, install zip from SD card. Navigate to the Google apps zip you just copied over, and hit go. Once the install is complete, reboot.

– Once you’ve got past the initial setup, download Carbon backup from the Play Store again, set it up (again), and restore from your backup.


Hence Now You have root samsung galaxy s3 ,installed a rom on it and also without losing you data. Now thats a tutorial ;)

If you have any problem in procedure of how to root samsung galaxy s3 or any step just post it in comments with problem also .

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