Root Sony Xperia Z and Install Clockmod recovery

Sony’s flagship smartphone Xperia Z currently running on official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software can be rooted.The method discussed below  Root Sony Xperia Z this is possible due to a toolkit by Recognised XDA developer Bin4ry.The key feature of the root file is it roots all the devices running on both Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean software.

root sony xperia Z

Xperia Z users who wish to root their devices running on Jelly Bean having locked/unlocked bootloadermay follow our step-by-step guide to Root Sony Xperia Z below.And if you have little knowledge about rooting do  read our basic rooting guide first to know what you are doing.

So lets start to Root Sony Xperia Z


To  Root Sony Xperia Z You will need following pacakges

-Xperia Tablet Z with stock Sony JB firmware

-works on both locked/unlockable bootloaders!

-ADB drivers installed (use this file incase u need to install drivers)


-if you are using Windows 8 you will need to enable few things to allow driver installation

Press windowsKey + R


shutdown -o -r -t 0

into the box, this will restart your machine in the advanced startup menu. 

when it restarts choose the “disable driver signing” option .Then install the driver manually using the “have disk” option. when you reboot again the driver should be working.


-Ensure that the battery of Xperia Z has above 80% charge.

-The root file works only on Sony Xperia Z. Flashing this on any incorrect variant is likely to brick the device.

-Usb Debugging should be enabled ( Settings >> Developer options >> Enable and Settings >> Developer options >> USB Debugging (check the option))

Root Sony Xperia Z

-Download the rootkit From bin4ry for sony xperia Z to pc From here 
-Extarct the contents of the file to a folder on pc
-Connect your Xperia Z to the pc  with mass storage off
-Double click the RunMe.bat file which was in the extracted folder
root sony xperia Z
-you will see a screen like above then choose Mode 3 (Goroh_Kun mode)
-Follow the on-screen instructions and soon you should see a success message
And done You have Successfully root sony xperia Z

Now you can check the process to root sony xperia Z is working or not by root checker app (avilable on play store).


Now we will move to next part How to install clockmod recovery on sony xperia Z

Install CWM Recovery on Sony Xperia Z with Unlocked Bootloader

Download CWM recovery for Sony Xperia Z to the computer. Extract the downloaded zip file to get the boot.img file

2) Ensure that a working fastboot is already installed on the phone [For guide click here]

3) Turn off the Xperia Z. Then enter into fastboot mode by pressing the Volume Up button

4) Connect the phone to the computer using USB cable

5) Wait until the LED lights up with blue colour. Try few more times if the first attempt fails

6) On the computer, copy the boot.img file into C:Fastboot

7) Open the command prompt on the computer. Go to Windows logo then typeCMD in the search box and press Enter

8) Type cd C:fastboot then type fastboot flash boot boot.img

9) Once the action is completed, try to restart the device

The Sony Xperia Z should now have CWM recovery installed.


Steps to install CWM Recovery on Xperia Z with locked bootloader

1) Download CWM Recovery for Sony Xperia Z with locked bootloader to the computer. Extract the downloaded zip to get the install.bat file

2) Ensure that a working fastboot is already installed on the phone

3) Double click the install.bat file

4) Plug in the USB cable to the phone to connect it with the computer. Wait until the device is detected by the programme

5) Follow the screen instruction from the programme to continue installation

6) When the installation process is completed, switch off the phone

7) Press the Volume Up or Volume Down button and release for some time when the phone is booting (with LED is green)

8) Boot the device into the custom recovery [Try some more times if the first attempt does not work]


If you are facing any problem to root sony xperia Z or in install clockmod recovery do write to us in comments :)

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