BaSic Android Root Guide (Must Read !!!)

Want More from You Android But doesn’t No How to do it..? Want to install mods, themes and tweaks on your Android Phone. This all can be Possible with Rooting.We will here discuss a basic android root guide for all  phone.Also a Index to all Phones Separately (Check Out thumbnails At the end to find rooting guide for your phone)


What Is Rooting ?????


Rooting means giving yourself root permissions on your phone. It’s similar to administrators in Windows, or with sudo in Linux. With a rooted phone, you can run more apps (like backup or tethering apps), as well as flash custom ROMs to your phone, and lot of extra features.


 hOw  it is Done???

There are a lot of android phones in the market, while the process to root android phone is same for multiple phones is not same for every device. So we can’t show u how to root any device but will try and provide u with guide of all the top and new ones available. There might be a case that your phone guide in outdated so just let me know we will get it updated.

So if your phone is not listed in the rooting guide or it outdated .send a mail o me at [email protected] and i will provide the guide within 24 hrs.


Basic terms for Android Root guide

So before we start to tell u about various phones first there are some terms u should be   familiar with.


Rooting Terms


Root:Rooting means root access i.e. u can run sudo command and get permission to run apps like titanium backup or setcpu. You can root by installing either SuperUser application or by flashing a custom rom which by default has su application in it.


ROM: A ROM is a modified and tweaked version of Android. It may have extra features, different lock screen, different apps, or a version of Android not released yet


Flash: Flashing means installing sometimes on your device, whether it be a rom, or some feature, anything that comes in a zip file.


Boot loader: It is the lowest level of software in your phone, running all the apps and codes necessary to start up your operating system .it locked by default which disable rooting your phone .unlocked  bootloader allow  you to flash custom roms on our phone


Recovery: It is the software on android phones that allow the user to make the backup, flash roms and for other system level tasks. The default recovery is of little use so the user can install a custom recovery like clock mod recovery which gives much more access to system setting.

Android Root Guide for several phones (index)

Here are the best method to root android phones listed explained in detail with video tutorial .if u not listed here than you can just email us at [email protected] we will provide the guide and help u .if  Click on your phone thumbnail below for detailed method.


android root guide


android root guideSony Xperia Tipo
android root guidegalaxy note 2


android root guideGalaxy Grand Dous


android root guideSony Xperia Z
android root guideGalaxy S4


android root guidegalaxy s3


 What if something goes wrong?????

Don’t panic whatever problem u are facing just post it here in comment and we will try and solve it and if have any queries left then  just post it in comment .u can also user 1 click root app from market but it is not recommend as the method is different from phones to phones.

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