How To Root Htc Explorer and Install Clockmod (CWM) Recovery

How To Root Htc Explorer and Install Clockmod (CWM) Recovery

root htc explorer

Procedure to  Root htc Explorer is different from Other Device and HTC Explorer is one of the most Popular low end android devices its rooting method is important but you have to unlock the bootloaderfirst to root  htc explorer.This tutorial will show You how to Root  Htc Explorer in detail

Before we discuss how to root htc explorer in detail you should know some basic definition about rooting  which you can find here


Requirements to root htc explorer

These are the things which we will needed for to root Htc explorer

-A Windows  PC

Google Android SDK zip:

Java Runtime Environment


 How To Root HtC explorer ???


1. 1. Install HTC Sync on your PC

Download HTC Sync (Windows Only) from here and 



2. Unlock your phone’s bootloader

– Follow the Tutorial Given In this Post to Unlock Our Bootloader



3. Add a recovery

That will allow you to install .zip ROMs. You can access to it in the menu android phones have when booting the phone after removing-inserting the battery and pressing “volume down” and “power” buttons simultaneously.

Download Clockmod Recovery her

1. Download and install Recovery Flasher Utility.

2. Download Clockmod recovery 

3. Place recovery.img in /sdcard. (Root of sd card).

4. Open the app and flash the recovery by pressing the “install recovery” button (Please be patient, wait for all the toasts to go away or it might not flash right).

5. Done.


4. ROOT Htc Explorer


What To Do Now???


-you can Install Customs roms,you can read more in detail about this here at xda.

Increase memory of your phone( which is necessary coz its internal memory is quite low ) That method can be found here

-you can install Any rooted apps.


We don’t have every Android device out here, so we couldn’t possibly test all these methods ourselves. In addition, it’s very difficult to stay up to date on which rooting methods work and which don’t. So, we’re are hoping you to help us out! If you find that the methods listed here is outdated please send us an email (preferably with an up-to-date method, if you’ve  (found one) at [email protected] and we’ll get everything squared away.

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