Sleeve Music for Android: Follow your favorite artists

Sleeve Music for Android: Follow your favorite artists

A sleeve note (also known as a linear note or album note) are those pieces of paper you found with your vinyl records and CD cases back in the day. On them you’d find things like biographies, info about the album in your hand, and much more. These days we don’t really have an equivalent. Sleeve Music is a handy app from Dutch soil that lets you easily follow your favorite artists and discover new music. The application was previously for iOS and Windows Phone but Sleeve Music for Android is also launched now.

Sleeve Music isn’t another type of Pandora or Spotify service. If you want to start listening to music right away, this isn’t the app for you.  It’s geared towards keeping you up to date with the artists you love. This app is only useful when you have artists in the list. When opening the Sleeve Music for the first time, you can import artists through Facebook,, and your media library. It’s a lot quicker than adding it one by here is a work through guide for Sleeve Music for android

 How to Follow your favorite artists On Sleeve Music for Android

From the home screen Sleeve Music gives you access to ‘My Artists’, a list that you put together with your favorite artists. This allows you to import from or Facebook.

Sleeve music for android home screen

2.You can also let Sleeve Music search your music library. Then you add easily artists that you like to follow.

sleeve music for android


3.From My Artists see which new tracks have been published and which you can listen to.

How to use sleeve music for android

You return to the home screen, then you have to scroll down to learn more about music from record labels Sony, EDM and Orange Recordings. It is possible to songs from artists who fall under these labels listen and you can add them to your watchlist.

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Sleeve Music still has a large number of other categories of pop, techno, funk and Dutch music to discover. Also geinig the playlist 90s revive with famous songs from the 90’s that you can listen directly from the app. A big data bundle or WiFi connection is otherwise still recommended, because streaming music listening takes a lot of data.

The music in the app comes from SoundCloud and YouTube, has been working also with Sleeve Music for android streaming service MixRadio. As a result, a total of 32 million tracks to listen. The authors expect that the end of this month 500,000 people worldwide from the service.

Sleeve Music Download for Android

Through the link you can download Sleeve Music for Android. The app is 10MB large, free and yet free of ads. Well, you need a device with at least Android 4.1.

Download Sleeve Music in Google Play


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