Spoof MAC address [Android,ios, Windows]

Lot Of People ask me how to spoof mac address of their phone. So here I present an easy tutorial on how to spoof the mac address in a simple way.

Spoof mac address




– A MAC address is a physical hardware address assigned to each device that has the capability of connecting to the network.

-The MAC address is something that is assigned in the chip on the device.

– It is not something user can change. Which is the reason why we spoof mac Address 😛

So why would you want to change your MAC address? Well there are many reasons for this, mostly related to bypassing some kind of MAC Address filter set on a router or firewall. Changing the MAC Address can help to get you past some type of network restrictions by emulating an unrestricted MAC Address or to get access by spoofing a MAC address that is already authorized.

How To spoof mac address [Android]

Things You will need Before You start mac address spoofing

– A Rooted Phone

– BusyBox

– Terminal app

Type su

Disable network
Type ifconfig “interface” down

See Your current Mac Address (Also Note it down)
:busybox iplink show eth0

Change the MAC address of the interface
ifconfig “interface” hw ether 01:02:03:04:05:06 

(replace it with mac address you want to spoof mac address of your phone)

Enable network
ifconfig “interface” up

Checking the MAC address
ifconfig “interface”

This Will Temporarily spoof Your Mac address and will change to original on next reboot.



Permanently Spoof mac address

– After your rooted head into terminal emulation type su and go into /data/misc/wifi

– Look for a file called nvram.txt

– Copy it to your sdcard and then to your cpu desktop open it with notepad and at the bottom of nvram.txt is the mac address

– I was able to verify and test this on android Citrus Ciena.

– Edit that mac address and save it as nvram1.txt onto sdcard

– Now go back to data wifi misc and copy nvram.txt to nvram.bak

– Head into GUI and then settings then wifi then turn on the wifi but don’t connect to any wifi network.

– turn off the wifi and then switch back to terminal.

– Copy the nvram1.txt to data misc wifi.

– remove the original (make sure you have it backed up)

-Rename nvram1.txt to nvram.txt

-head back into gui and then settings then wifi

-Now for me it immediately stated unable to turn on wifi

-Ignore it and try to turn it on anyways

-When it turns on your newly edited mac address will take effect

-Connect to your AP



Where do I type in these commands in Android?
In a Terminal Emulator, it’s recommended you get JackPal’s Terminal Emulator or ConnectBot from the google market/playstore

What is “interface” in this tutorial? What should I use?
Replace the word “interface” by “wlan0? if you are using wifi or “eth0?  if you are using mobile data internet connection.

ERROR “Can’t execute / start ifconfig on Android”
* Prefix the ifconfig command with busybox if just ifconfig doesn’t do anything

ERROR “SIOCSIFHWADDR: Cannot assign requested address” 
* probably indicates that the requested MAC address is not a unicast address. (To qualify as a unicast address the first byte must be even.)

ERROR “SIOCSIFHWADDR: Operation not supported”
Your device doesn’t support the operation, end of story.



Spoof  MAC Address [Apple IOS]

Things Required to be Installed

Terminal(bigboss repo), http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/
Activator(bigboss repo), http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/
Sudo Mod (Recommended) or PWNSettings ,(my repo)http://zerobeat.myrepospace.com/
Command Alert(modmyi repo) http://apt.modmyi.com/
Sudo Mod is modded to run sudo with no pass requirement for root privileges.


To install these packages via cydia

1. Tap Manage and then sources

2. tap edit on the top right

3. Tap add on the top left

4. When the prompt appears replace http with
the repos above

5. Search the packages listed above and install

spoof mac address

How to Spoof a mac address

-Make sure you remember the original MAC address of your iDevice (nav to settings-> General-> about-> Wifi-Address)
-In Activator (or command alert) setup a specific gesture to launch Command Alert Anywhere. I configured Command Alert to activate with a triple home button. This will become extremely useful when the mac is entered incorrectly and your stuck in Setup.app.
-Activate Command Alert
spoofing mac address
-Type in "sudo nvram wifiaddr=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" tap return then tap Execute Command. Next Reboot or shutdown the iDevice.
[xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx= spoof mac address ]
E4CA6435-DA1C-4E2D-84E2-12ACBB282A51 spoof mac address
-After the reboot or the device turns on, the Setup.app should appear.Next confirm if the mac address changed successfully. To revert to original MAC address. Activate Command Alert and type "sudo nvram -b wifiaddr"

spoof mac address



Spoofing MAC address in Windows

Step 1: go on Start >Control Panel >Network Connections, and right-click on the network connection you want to spoof MAC address for and select Properties. It will normally either be Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection.
Spoof mac address
If you are using Windows 7 or windows 8,you have to go to Control Panel, then Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center, and then Manage Network Connections.
Step 2: On the General tab, click the Configure button
spoof mac address
Step 3: Now click on the Advanced tab and click on the “Locally Administered Address” property or the “Network Address” property(in windows 7 & windows8).
spoofed mac address in Windows
Step 4: By default, the “Not Present” value is selected. Go ahead and click on the Value radio button and enter in a new MAC address. The MAC address is a combination of 6 pairs of numbers and characters, i.e. 40-A2-D9-82-9F-F2. You should enter the spoof  MAC address without the dashes.
spoofed mac address

You can check that the MAC address has been changed by going to the command prompt and typing in IPCONFIG/ALL. Go ahead and restart the computer in order for the changes to take effect.

If you have any problem in mac address spoofing procedure then please mention it in comments. Also if you want to revert back to the original mac address also mention it in the comments section, I will tell you the procedure to do so. Also subscribe our blog for more useful tutorials.

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  1. pam

    using busybox and jackpals terminal editor error S10CSIFADDR (invalid argument)
    while i try to replace it with mac address. pls help. i took the wifi mac address from the victims phone.


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