The 4 best navigation apps for Android

Is there an app that better than Google Maps, and why you would use any other navigation app?Android weeds calls the four best navigation apps for Android that you never lose your way.

The 4 best navigation apps for Android

1. Google Maps

Google MapsThe big winner in the battle for the best navigation app.  Google Maps has in recent years greatly improved, especially for Dutch and Belgian users. Many features that times were already available in the United States, can now also be used in Europe.Think of indication of which lane to take or show the right colors in the signs.

In addition, Google Maps works together with all Google services, and the app integrated into Android. One of the advantages of the app is the ability to choose an alternative route faster and usually immediately when an accident takes place on the route. Even Google Maps maps are frequently updated, so you never (accidentally) take the wrong turn.

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2. Waze

waze-iconThe social navigation app Waze allows users to report accidents and other problems on the road, causing others to be warned. “You can activate notification of accidents, police checks and other road hazards. Receive alerts on your route and find the cheapest fuel around you with prices reported by the community, “said Waze. In 2013, Waze acquired by Google and the traffic data of the app shared with Google Maps.

Waze has a different look than Google Maps and can include finding the cheapest gas stations en route, information about local places and show navigate directly to your Facebook contacts.

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hereLord is one of the few components that Microsoft did not take over from Nokia, the Finnish company as its smartphone division sold to software giant. The good Lord is that Nokia maps users can download and then can use offline. So you have the ability to navigate if you have no Internet connection.

In total there are store maps of more than a hundred different countries, making the app is enormously convenient for traveling abroad. Lord also supports public transport, with directions to the train, bus or subway. Furthermore, the app shows continuous traffic information and alternative routes so that you reach your destination faster.

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4. TomTom GPS

tomtom-iconTomTom GPS is an attractive navigation app of the Dutch company that lets users navigate 75km free. If you want to make unlimited use of the app, you must subscribe for 19.99 euros per year. This is the only paid TomTom GPS app in this list, but he also offers something extra compared to the above apps.

So can save not only user cards offline and displays current traffic there, the app also shows the maximum speed a road.This is very handy if you’re not sure whether you drive inside or outside urban areas. TomTom GPS has all the maps of the world and also has access to a dedicated traffic system that keeps you informed about traffic jams, accidents and speed cameras.

? D ownload TomTom GPS in Google Play (free)

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Which navigation app you prefer to use? Let us know in the comments!

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