WhatsApp blue tick now tells you what time someone read your message

WhatsApp blue tick now tells you what time someone read your message

Yesterday, the popular messaging service WhatsApp had two updates: one was server side and the other was an actual app update.

Although bugs and fixes were listed in the change log, as it turns out much was included than previously thought.

WhatsApp now included detailed ‘seen’ and ‘read’ information for messages you sent to either individuals or groups. In fact, for groups it will show who read the message and at what time, alongside who has not yet read your message (but the time it was delivered to them).

whatsapp blue tick means

Yes, with these new WhatsApp features, i.e whatsapp blue tick no longer can you use the excuse ‘Sorry, I must not have received/read the message‘ because the sender will know what time you received it and what time you read it. In addition, it even works for audio messages as well.

whatsapp blue tick meaning


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How to view sent and read message info in WhatsApp with help of whatsapp blue tick

In order to access the information, all you have to do is long-press on your sent message. A pop-up menu will appear with four choices: copy, delete, forward, info. Choosing ‘info’ then brings you to the detailed message history page, which will included the aforementioned data. For group messages, it will be broken down by who is in the group.

Overall, a very cool and creepy feature that augments those ‘new’ blue check marks from yesterday.


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