Winulator-Run old Windows Games on Android

Winulator-Run old Windows Games on Android

You know how people are always saying that today’s smartphones have more processing power than the computers that sent the first rockets to the moon? Well, not only is that true, but odds are your smartphone is faster than the desktop PC you were using in the early 90’s. So why can’t you run some 90’s-era Windows apps and games on your phone?
Now u can do it with Winulator

Wine is package for Unix based operating system to implement the execution of Windows Based Apps (.exe). It has now come as android app.

winulator app


Alexandre Julliard,The Original Creator Behind the Winulator which allows the users to run windows app on android Plateforms during His Special Presentation on FOSDEM 2013. posted a winulator demo video. At this point sound doesn’t work yet and not all older games are supported. But Winulator is still under development.

There’s a desktop utility which converts some of the machine code to run on an ARM-based processor instead of an x86 chip before you can run a Windows app on Android. Another approach would be to use a just-in-time compiler, something the winulator developer is apparently also looking into.


Winulator also has the Paid version and the Free version.which can be downloaded from play store,

A Guide on how to get things running on winulator

The First game That for which tutorial has been provided is Caesar III.The tutorial Can be accessed by clicking on the link above and Here is a screenshot of us Playing Caesar III on winulator

caesar on winulator

More Games and updates are been Promised in future Such as Starcraft .

starcraft on winulator


More updates and info can be found on this official blog for winulator

If You have Any Problem regarding this App or any queries you can share it with us in comments and also Share your Experince with us in the Comments below. :)

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