Yes, WhatsApp now has blue checks for read messages

Yes, WhatsApp now has blue checks for read messages

WhatsApp is worth billions of dollars, and there seems to be a good reason for that. Most of us are using it, at least according to the flood of tips we are now getting.

In last one year we have seen a Lot of changes in whatsapp.

1)First we came to know that facebook has bought whatsapp. You can read more about it and other unknown facts about this deal in this article 5 amazing whatsapp facts you need to know .

2)An alternate to whatsapp’s original version named whatsapp Plus came into market.

Know More: whatsapp Plus A whatsapp Alternative

Then we were shocked when we learnt that whatsapp is not fully secure and even a hacking technique can been created for it. You can read more about it here in this article Some whatsapp hack and tricks you need to know .

Now, today on the back-end for WhatsApp they have evidently thrown a switch to make the double checks blue for when someone reads your messages. Previously, they were white, ahem.

whatsapp blueWhatsApp update damage

Usually, we would pass on this news, but since around twenty of you have tipped us in the last 30-minutes, we figured it was worth a quick mention.

You do not need to update the app, as this is something that the WhatsApp team has done server side. So just enjoy the blue checks.

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